Top 5 WiFi Extenders Under $70 That Instantly Fix Your Slow Internet Problems

Over 100 +  Wifi Boosters  tested by our local 🇦🇺  tech expert, the winner may surprise you.

Are you fed up with slow WiFI speeds, videos buffering & constant disconnections? You’ll be pleased to know that all those problems can be easily solved with a quality WiFi range extender!

The demand for high speed quality internet has increased exponentially in recent years with so many people working from home. As a result we have decided to test the most popular WiFi Repeaters on the market to determine which one works best.

We based our reviews on factors such as WiFi speed increases, range increases, ease of use/setup and pricing. 

To our surprise, our test winner was actually made by a smaller Australian start up company that managed to out perform the big brand names in in all these factors.


Here’s a list of our top 5 picks for 2022, with a full review of our top pick at the bottom of the page.


Our Rating

Key Features

Where to Buy?

  #1 Best Pick 2022  

wifi ultraboost wifi repeater




User Ratings (6,354+)

WiFi Ultraboost

Price: $69  $149 



Money Back Guarantee: Try Risk Free For 30 Days.


wifi extraboost internet signal booster




User Ratings (4,178+)


Price: $79  $160 

Money Back Guarantee: 30 Day Return Policy.


netgear wireless repeater




NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi 6

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  #1 Best Pick 2022  

wifi ultraboost wifi repeater




User Ratings (6,354+)

WiFi Ultraboost

Price: $69  $99 



Money Back Guarantee: Try Risk Free For 30 Days.


We were able to achieve the best wifi signal range, speed and stability with the Wifi Ultraboost.


For a low price of only $69 this Wifi Extender provides everything you need to improve your at home connection.


We found this product to be the fastest & easiest to setup even with no experience.

We Bought and Tested the Most Popular Wifi Extenders, Here's Why WiFi UltraBoost Is Our #1 Pick.

Summary: Improving your at home WiFi connection doesn’t have to be a daunting and complicated task any more.

Modern WiFi Boosters such as the WiFi Ultraboost are highly effective at eliminating dead spots, increasing WiFi speed & range as well as being extremely easy to set up out of the box. 

With a low price of just $69, there’s no reason to suffer from buffering videos, drop outs and internet dead zones any longer.

UPDATE 14th June: Due to frequent media coverage and high consumer demand, the WiFi Ultraboost is currently sold out in retail stores nationwide. However, it may still be available on their online website HERE.

When we began our research into wifi extenders the name “WiFi Ultraboost” constantly came up in discussions. With over 7500+ raving reviews from customers, we were excited to get our hands one and test it.

The company behind Wifi Ultraboost was founded by a small team of Australia tech entrepreneurs and they have been growing in popularity ever since. While amazing products is one reason for their success, another important one is their excellent customer service.

The package we ordered arrived in a couple of days so we were off to a good start already. I personally hate having to wait weeks for something I ordered online to arrive.

Upon opening the package I quickly noticed a note saying “If you have any trouble setting up your new device, call us and our friendly customer support agents will guide you through the whole process.”

While I am very experienced in setting up devices such as these, I thought this was a really nice touch that most other companies don’t bother with.

Now, it was time to test just how well this WiFi Extender performs.

Here are the test results.

There are two major factors to consider when choose a WiFi extender.

  1. How easy is it to setup?
    Nobody has time to comb through dozens of articles and videos for hours on end just to set the damn thing up. A good extender needs to come ready to use out of the box with clear and simple instructions.
  2. How effective is the performance?
    The extender has to effectively extend the range, speed and stability of the internet, as well as remove any “dead zones” that may exist. It needs to make every day tasks like video calls, emailing and watching movies a much smoother experience.

So to begin my testing I followed the instructions provided with the WiFi Ultraboost and set it up. To say it was easy would be an understatement. The total setup time took me 2 minutes!

Basically all I had to do was plugin the device half way between my router and the “WiFi dead zone” in my living room and push a button. Voila the LED lights turned green and I was connected.

After that quick setup I began doing some connection tests. I had recently moved to this apartment and the WiFi connection in my living room was notoriously slow so it was the perfect spot to test the Ultraboost.

To see if this WiFi extender was effective I simply did my every day tasks, this time with the newly ‘ boosted’ connection. Here are my results:

🗹 Email – Previously it took me minutes to open an email. I would have to disconnect my laptop and bring it next to the router in order to load it.

After connecting the Ultraboost Extender I was able to load my emails in seconds.

🗹 Facetime/Video calls – I had to rely on my mobile data in order to call a friend via Facetime or join a Zoom call. On my old internet the video would just turn into a slide show, a terrible experience for me and whoever was on the other end.

With the Ultraboost I was able to Facetime call a friend of mine with crystal clear video and sound. Major Improvement!

🗹 Browsing the internet- was generally hit or miss on my old connection, often the images wouldn’t load or it would take 5 minutes to open a link.

I did about 20 minutes of testing while connected to the Ultraboost Extender and every single link I clicked loaded instantly

🗹 Watching Videos/Streams- You finish work and want to wind down by watching a video or livestream and get hit with buffering circle of doom… that’s just the worst feeling. Well that would happen to me all the time on my old internet connection so I was really hoping the WiFi Ultraboost would fix it.

For this test I watched a few Youtube videos, tested out a Netflix show and a livestream. NO BUFFERING! I was ecstatic about these results! 

🗹 Multiple Device Usage – I live with 2 roommates and when we’re all home the internet used to be truly unusable. So I waited for my roommates to get home and we all started streaming videos to stress test the connection; it worked without any problems!

The results of these tests had already convinced me that this device worked, but I still had one final objective test to conduct. I tested the internet speed via speed test with and without the WiFi Ultraboost.

The speed clocked in at 300mb/s, just as advertised on their official website. This was 20% faster than some of the big brand name devices!


This really solidified the Ultraboost as an industry leader. Not only did it win the speed and stability tests, it also outperformed the other models in other areas:

Value For Money

Most big brands sell their mid level devices for at least $110 if not more. Our #1 performer, the  WiFi Ultraboost usually sells for $99 which is easily worth it based on our tests.

They manage to keep the prices low as they sell almost exclusively online and don’t have to pay for rent for brick & mortar stores.

However, right now the WiFi Ultraboost is on sale for 50% off on their official website!

This means you can get the best wifi extender on the market for only $49!

Smart Design

I have to admit, the old WiFi booster products that I tested were quite…ugly for a lack of a better word. I didn’t want some alien space ship looking device sticking out of my wall.

The team at WiFi Ultraboost however really took the design aspect seriously. The extender is very sleek and discreet, it didn’t attract attention or mess with the aesthetic of my living room.

The revolutionary transmission chip inside the WiFi Ultraboost allows for the maximum signal boost without attaching 17 antennas to the device.

The device is also very compact meaning you can easily plug it in behind a chair, sofa or tv stand.  There’s no need to re-arrange furniture or trip over any wires when setting it up.

Easy To Setup

Out of all the devices we tested, the WiFi Ultraboost was the easiest to setup. The whole process from taking it out of the box to connecting to a new & improved internet connection took less than 5 minutes. 

I even got one of these for my mom (she’s 61) and she had no problems with setting it up. The instructions are very easy to follow and require just 3 steps.

  1. Plug the device in where ever you want
  2. Connect to the new WiFi network (automatically discovered by phones or other devices)
  3. Enjoy a fast & stable connection

I can confidently say that anybody would be able to install the WiFi Ultraboost with ease. Even if they couldn’t, the customer support team would be able to guide them through the process for free.

But...Is It Really Worth All This Hype?

So far, the Wifi Ultraboost has sold multiple thousands of units directly to consumers. It’s has been selling out every time they re-stock, it’s become THAT popular.

All of the success can be attributed to word of mouth referrals. People like you and I are loving it so much they’re posting about it on social media. 

Here are some Instagram posts I was able to find:

It’s clear that the WiFi UltraBoost is developing a cult like following on social media!

Your Common Questions & Answers

With the rise in popularity, our readers have emailed us many questions about the Ultraboost device. We’ve picked some of the common questions and answered them using objective tests. Here are some of them:

Yes. The Ultraboost works with all routers as a signal boosting add-on no matter what the brand is.

The device is compatible with all internet service providers. While greedy ISP’s would prefer to charge you extra for their useless “speed boost” add-ons, they cannot legally stop you from using a WiFi booster to improve your connection.

Yes the Ultraboost is very safe to use, it utilises the latest WPA2 encryption protocol to make sure all your data is safe.

Yes you can install multiple wifi extenders in your house with ease. Simply plug 1 near each deadzone to boost the signal there.

Yes! Unlike your router, the Ultraboost Wifi Repeater doesn’t need to be plugged into a phone jack so you can easily relocate it anytime, in your home, office, hotel, and basically anywhere.

We made it so compact and easy to fold, so you can travel with it and take it wherever you go!

Yes! Wherever you have a wall socket and Wifi, Ultraboost will extend your internet signal to cover all of your dead spots! Like the yard, balcony, basement, or even the garage.

Purchase & Delivery Process

The WiFi Ultraboost is easy to purchase as long as it’s in stock. They offer free delivery & an iron clad 30 days return policy in the case that you are not satisfied with the product. We got our package delivered in just a few days.


Their current 50% off sale is automatically applied at checkout and they even have multi pack deals with even greater discounts.

Also, while they don’t offer physical installation services, they do have a free customer support number you can call to get installation assistance. 


Based on our tests you probably won’t need it, but it’s nice to have a backup option just in case. We found that the wait time is around 5-10 minutes.

A Recent Problem with Availability

Due to frequent media coverage, high consumer demand and a 50% OFF sale, the WiFi Ultraboost has become very popular amongst all people with internet issues, causing some supply problems.

That and some recent supply chain difficulties has lead to the WiFi booster being out of stock frequently.  

Make sure to check stock levels and order only from the official website HERE.

If you’re still on the fence about it, just remember that the Wifi Ultraboost comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

So if you’re not sure, you can always buy one and just return it later if you don’t like it.

Where Can I Buy The WiFi Ultraboost?

To take advantage of the current 50% discount and order simply follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website to check stock

2. Select the amount of devices you want to purchase

3. Fill your shipping information and payment method

4. Enjoy fast internet in every corner of your house!

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